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MTV answers why they dont play music videos anymore.

This was almost painful to watch, in the funniest way.

The funny bit about Pavement being that I complained about that when Muchmusic (Canada’s MTV) did play videos.

“Before I continue, I just wanna reiterate: it’s your generation that stole music, and it’s your generation that’s bitching about us not playing music videos anymore.”

This is brutally concise. Also, his aside at the end had me crying with laughter.

Woooooow. That was fabulous.

Though really, there is no explanation witty or factual enough to justify the existence of Jersey Shore.


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Legolas babysittin’ this year’s archers :)

this has to hit at least one of your fandoms.

I wanted to make a joke about when Tony called Hawkeye ‘Legolas’, but I’m not funny enough.

But it make sense Clint is the only one who gets along with this particular babysitter. The ladies would team up against them, and it would be war.

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